OneNote vs. Evernote

Since December 2010, I’ve been a paying customer of Evernote. Cloud-based notes were a revelation for me at the time; anywhere accessibility to the stuff I put there has, over the years, proved invaluable. For me, Evernote was my container of choice for meeting notes, song ideas, PDFs of owner’s manuals, photos of wine labels I didn’t want to forget, and all manner of other things I just wanted to put someplace other than on a piece of paper or a in a notebook.

But my friendship with Evernote, like friendships can, has become strained. We just don’t click the way we used to; we don’t see things the same way. In short, I’ve moved on.

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Spotify’s music recommendations

Since May 2014, I’ve been dutifully paying for a Spotify subscription, and quite frankly, it’s some of the best money I spend each month. On a dollar-for-dollar basis, I get more enjoyment and utility out of it than I do from my satellite television subscription. Having access to virtually any music, virtually anywhere, is the sort of musical nirvana that I could only have dreamed of a decade ago.

One of the things that was lacking for so long in Spotify was any meaningful music discovery or recommendation engine. That was resolved (at least partially, anyway) a few months back with the introduction of their Discover Weekly playlists. How does it work?

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Why the Wii U is better than people believe

This past holiday season was the fourth featuring the availability of Nintendo’s Wii U video game console, meaning the unit just passed its third anniversary. As technology goes, that means that the Wii U is… Well, how can I say this nicely? Long in the tooth? Showing its age? At least that would be the popular perception of reality.

Another popular perception of reality is that the Wii U is the ugly redheaded stepchild of the video game world—a loser; passé. In short, a console only children and grandparents could love.

So, is there any truth to any of that?

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