Splatoon 2: Issues revisited

Back in December of last year, I wrote-up a piece about Splatoon 2, saying:

Nintendo have clearly altered the dynamics in ways that are difficult to decipher, but amount to nothing less than breaking the one thing the game had going for it originally: balance.

As I’ve continued to play Splatoon 2, my feelings about it have evolved — somewhat, anyway.

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Power-hungry devices: Keeping stuff juiced

As the number of devices in and around people’s homes and on their persons continues to spiral out-of-control, there’s a corollary problem that arises: how to keep everything juiced-up. On my home office desk, I can look around me and see two MacBooks, a Nintendo Switch, two iPhones, an iPad Pro (with an Apple Pencil nearby). While the Macs have their own power sources, everything else I listed requires a USB-based charging source of some kind. So, how have I solved that particular problem?

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Arduinos, shields, and issues, oh my!

In recent weeks, I’ve become aware of, and interested in, what I’d term “small boards,” electronics experimentation / maker platforms like Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Granted, these things have been out there for years, so you could say I’m a bit slow on the uptake.

Regardless, I’ve been having a certain amount of fun dreaming-up and envisioning projects, primarily on Arduino and Arduino-compatible boards, including a device that notifies me on my iPhone when a particularly important GFCI outlet trips, and another that monitors the water level of my sump pit and uploads data to an online service that graphs that data for me. Fodder for future articles, perhaps, but the subject of this post is a particular headache I’ve had in bringing my latest idea to life.

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