DuckDuckGo… away

It’s been quite a year for the likes of Facebook and Twitter, among others. They’ve been in the news almost constantly it seems — and for all the wrong reasons. I honestly share a lot of the concerns tech writer Farhad Manjoo has with what he refers to as The Frightful Five, and I recently tried… Truly tried… To use one of the Frightful Five a lot less: Google. It didn’t go well.

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Questioning my Apple Fanboy-ness

I’ve been a card-carrying Apple Fanboy for what seems like an eternity at this point. For a long time, I resisted; but it was going to work for a company whose standard-issue laptops were MacBooks that changed everything back in 2012. (I’m shocked it’s only been six years, honestly.)

Since then, I’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem hook, line and sinker. I traded-in my annoying Android phone for an iPhone years ago. I wear an Apple Watch. I have an iPad Pro (with the Apple Pencil of course). And I’ve officially lost count of the number of Macs in this house. But the big Apple event yesterday, and all the coverage and details, have for the first time left me unexcited and uninspired.

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Microsoft: Not the company it used to be

When you’ve been around technology as long as I have, it can be interesting to reflect on where we’ve come from, and how things have changed. Watching Apple go from scrappiness and near bankruptcy to a public company with a trillion dollar valuation, for example.

Then, there’s Microsoft, the company everyone loved to hate. The company that didn’t really innovate because it didn’t have to. The company who played well — with itself. My, but how times have changed.

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Task management: Taking care of things (or Things)

I’ll confess this right up-front: I am not, by nature, the very most organized person on the planet. My mother used to call me the absent-minded professor (she was from the Jerry Lewis era*), and indeed, I tend to forget anything that’s not on my most immediate radar.

Over the years, I’ve tried quite literally every task management approach under the sun (or it feels that way), and I’ve had trouble sticking with anything very long, either because I forget to use it (that’s a joke), or more often because the task management system simply doesn’t work the way my brain does.

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