November 2019

Diagnosing light edges on images (dark edges on negatives)

Since I’ve started developing my own film, I’m pleased to say I have yet to ruin any of the dozens of rolls of film I’ve processed at home — every single roll has resulted in usable negatives, with seemingly proper density. However, something has been dogging me, and I only recently discovered that it was my own fault: Images with light edges (on the positives), dark edges (on the negatives).

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Review: CatLABS X FILM 80 black and white film (120)

One film I don’t hear that much about — which is a shame — is an interesting one from CatLABS, called X FILM 80. This traditional slow-speed film is supposedly modeled after Kodak’s iconic Panatomic-X black and white film, which has been discontinued for decades now. Many forum posts seem to effectively dismiss this film as an imposter — Shanghai GP3 in a different box — but it’s among my favorites at the moment.

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How to identify and use Rolleinar lens attachment sets

One of the great things about film photography is just how much information there is on the internet about various esoterica related to cameras, accessories, film development, and more. But it’s sometimes surprising just how much information is not actually available, and the Rolleinar close-up attachment system for Rolleiflex cameras is a prime example of that.

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