I’m Wesley King, and I’m a multi-format photographer who’s been picture-taking since childhood, and who calls Colorado home. These days, I’m focusing on film. (Bad pun.) Most of it is medium format.

My first camera was a Kodak Duaflex II, which my grandmother bought for me at a garage sale in the mid-1970s. (I still own it, decades later, and recently began using it semi-regularly.) That was followed by a Polaroid Square Shooter 2 (peel-away film; also a garage sale find), and eventually by 35mm when I bought a Minolta XG 1 for my high school photography classes. That was joined by more film, including integrated Polaroid (a OneStep), a Kodak Disc camera, several point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, and eventually by a Canon EOS Rebel G/500N in 1996. I got into digital in 2000, with a Kodak DC4800, with its whopping 3 megapixel sensor. (Those were the days.) It was followed by a move back to Canon: First, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel/300D, then to the Canon EOS Rebel 5Ti/700D I’m shooting with today (in the rare moments I’m not shooting film). Of course, along the way, smartphones came along, and like everyone else, I shoot with one liberally — anytime, anywhere — creating a habit of taking snapshots — not photographs — in the process.

Fascinated by the comeback story of Polaroid packs (The Impossible Project), I dug-out my Polaroid, discovered everything else in boxes I hadn’t touched in years, bought film, and started shooting. I disassembled and cleaned that Duaflex II, I’ve dusted-off and cleaned the XG 1, and recently put new batteries in the Rebel G and started using it too. I’ve added, and continue to add, a progression of other cameras… A Yashica-A TLR, a Hasselblad 503CW, a Mamiya C220 TLR, a Rolleiflex Automat MX TLR, a Rollei 35, and most recently a Yashica Mat-124G. We’ll see what I find next.

About my tools

  • Digital cameras
    • Canon EOS Rebel 5Ti/700D
  • 135 cameras
    • Minolta XG 1
    • Canon EOS Rebel G
    • Rollei 35
  • 120/620 cameras
    • Kodak Duaflex II
    • Pentax 645
    • Yashica-A
    • Hasselblad 503CW
    • Mamiya C220
    • Rolleiflex 3,5 A (Automat MX / Model 4 or K4A)
    • Yashica Mat-124G
  • Instant cameras
    • Polaroid OneStep (Original)
  • Post-Processing gear
    • Epson V800 Scanner
    • Various Apple Products
    • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
    • Wacom Intuos Tablet

About QueryBang

Where did the stupid name come from? I’ve owned the domain querybang.com for years, and I always thought I’d do something with it. While I can’t find the reference online at this point, my recollection is that Penn Gillette used the term “querybang” in a piece for Wired many years ago to describe the character sequence ?!, as from expressions like:


I just liked the word, so I registered it. I thought it would make a great name for a search engine, but alas, there’s no point in creating search engines. Since sarcasm is something I use a lot (e.g., “Seriously?!” or the aforementioned “Really?!”), it seemed just as suitable for this blog. And I already owned the domain and it was just sitting there, so… Why not?! (Oops.)

No comments here?

No. I do not allow comments of any kind on this blog, as this site is not intended to be a forum for public dialog, or debate. If you feel I got something wrong, please contact me.

The visual theme

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