About QueryBang

I’m Wesley King, this is my blog, and I welcome you.

As I say on the home page, I’m a multipotentialite, meaning I have practically countless interest areas and hobbies from cars to tech to art to wine to food to travel to photography to writing to… I’ll just stop while I’m ahead.

I do love to write, and as a writer — partially by trade — I feel compelled to write about things that interest me. That’s taken a lot of forms over the years, including a range of blogs. I decided I needed to consolidate all of that into one place — QueryBang.

It’s best to start at the home page. You can drill into categories or tags (which I use as sub-categories) to find things that might be of interest. Or, dive into the mixed bag — most recent posts first.

Where Did the Name Come From?

I’ve owned the domain querybang.com for years, and I always thought I’d do something with it. While I can’t find the reference online at this point, my recollection is that Penn Gillette used the term “querybang” in a piece for Wired many years ago to describe the character sequence ?!, as from expressions like:


I just liked the word, so I registered it. I thought it would make a great name for a search engine, but alas, there’s no point in creating search engines. Since sarcasm is something I use a lot (e.g., “Seriously?!” or the aforementioned “Really?!”), it seemed just as suitable for this blog. And I already owned the domain and it was just sitting there, so… Why not?! (Oops.)

No Comments?

Nope. I do not allow comments of any kind on this blog, as this site is not intended to be a forum for public dialog or debate. There are just shy of 28 billion web sites on the internet for that; this just isn’t one of them.

If you do have feedback, including situations where you think I’m wrong, I welcome that feedback by e-mail only. Refer to the Get in Touch section on every page of this site. IMPORTANT: If you contact me, I reserve the right to use your name and comments in follow-up posts or corrections where I feel it necessary to update errors, important omissions, or other potential flaws in my posts.


I may, from time to time, receive products or services for review purposes. When that occurs, I will disclose that on an article-by-article basis. Unless otherwise disclosed, however, you can safely assume that I have purchased the products or services I write about. Also know that while I endeavor to avoid factual errors, and will correct them when they are brought to my attention and can be verified, generally speaking, this blog contains personal perspectives of my experience, and both are solely my own. Your mileage, as they say, may (and probably will) vary.