About me

I’m Wesley King, and I’m a multi-format photographer who’s been picture-taking since childhood, and who calls Colorado home. These days, I’m focusing on film. (Bad pun.) Most of it is medium format.

My first camera was a Kodak Duaflex II, which my grandmother bought for me at a garage sale in the mid-1970s. (I still own it, decades later, and recently began using it semi-regularly.) That was followed by a Polaroid Square Shooter 2 (peel-away film; also a garage sale find), and eventually by 35mm when I bought a Minolta XG 1 for my high school photography classes. That was joined by more film, including integrated Polaroid (a OneStep), a Kodak Disc camera, several point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, and eventually by a Canon EOS Rebel G/500N in 1996. I got into digital in 2000, with a Kodak DC4800, with its whopping 3 megapixel sensor. (Those were the days.) It was followed by a move back to Canon: First, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel/300D, then to the Canon EOS Rebel 5Ti/700D I’m shooting with today (in the rare moments I’m not shooting film). Of course, along the way, smartphones came along, and like everyone else, I shoot with one liberally — anytime, anywhere — creating a habit of taking snapshots — not photographs — in the process.

Fascinated by the comeback story of Polaroid packs (The Impossible Project), I dug-out my Polaroid, discovered everything else in boxes I hadn’t touched in years, bought film, and started shooting. I disassembled and cleaned that Duaflex II, I’ve dusted-off and cleaned the XG 1, and recently put new batteries in the Rebel G and started using it too. I’ve added, and continue to add, a progression of other cameras… A Yashica-A TLR, a Hasselblad 503CW, a Mamiya C220 TLR, a Rolleiflex Automat MX TLR, a Rollei 35, and most recently a Yashica Mat-124G. We’ll see what I find next.

About my tools

  • Digital cameras
    • Canon EOS Rebel 5Ti / 700D
  • 135 cameras
    • Minolta XG 1
    • Canon EOS Rebel G / 500N / Kiss
    • Rollei 35
  • 120/620 cameras
    • Kodak Duaflex II
    • Pentax 645
    • Yashica-A
    • Hasselblad 503CW
    • Mamiya C220
    • Rolleiflex 3,5 A (Automat MX / Model 4 or K4A)
    • Yashica Mat-124G
  • Instant cameras
    • Polaroid OneStep (Original)
  • Post-Processing gear
    • Epson V800 Scanner
    • Various Apple Products
    • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
    • Wacom Intuos Tablet

About the blog

I’ve been writing about technology — professionally and otherwise — for a few decades at this point, and blogging has been a part of the mix practically since the concept was introduced. My blogs have had many names, and many forms over the years, but in the 2010s, I decided to consolidate it under the name QueryBang.

Technology articles have a very short half-life; stuff changes, quickly, and what’s written today can be completely out-of-date tomorrow. If I wrote dozens of articles a week, and this was a tech site, that might not matter because there’d be tons of fresh content. But I found that the site as a whole was pretty stale, pretty fast.

My interest in film photography has provided tons of ideas for writing, subjects to be explored, and things to be reviewed — and virtually none of it will go out-of-date — ever. Moreover, I’m finding it far more fun to write about.

Finally, I’ve never considered blogging a source of revenue, and I still don’t. I write because I like it, I share it because I want to, and I hope readers get something out of it, all without:

  • Annoying third-party advertising (or indeed any advertising)
  • Pop-up boxes begging you to subscribe to a newsletter
  • Footers that urge you to “support me” or “donate” to keep this site going
  • Click-bait affiliate links where people make money by getting you to buy stuff from online stores
  • A bunch of unnecessary tracking* and violations of your privacy

If you truly want to support what I’m doing here, then read the blog and tell others about it.

About the name (QueryBang)

Where did the stupid name come from? I’ve owned the domain querybang.com for years, and I always thought I’d do something with it. While I can’t find the reference online at this point, my recollection is that Penn Gillette used the term “querybang” in a piece for Wired many years ago to describe the character sequence ?!, as from expressions like:


I just liked the word, so I registered it. I thought it would make a great name for a search engine, but alas, there’s no point in creating search engines. Since sarcasm is something I use a lot (e.g., “Seriously?!” or the aforementioned “Really?!”), it seemed just as suitable for this blog. And I already owned the domain and it was just sitting there, so… Why not?! (Oops.)

About the comments — or lack thereof

No. I do not allow comments of any kind on this blog, as this site is not intended to be a forum for public dialog, or debate. If you feel I got something wrong, please contact me.

About the visual theme

I use WordPress for this site, and the beautiful theme was created by Alx Media.

* Like virtually every other web site on the planet, I keep statistics on which posts and pages people read so I know what’s working and what doesn’t. I do this with a WordPress product called Jetpack. I don’t use Jetpack for any purpose other than what I just described.