When I was first getting back into film photography, it was difficult to figure out where to find gear, and where to get repairs done when needed. With brick-and-mortar retailing under threat from e-commerce for years, and repairing complex mechanical gear like film cameras seeming to become a lost art, it can be tough (even with Google at-hand) to track down what you need. That was the inspiration for the list that follows.

As much as I’d like this list to be all-encompassing, at the moment, its scope is primarily the United States, and just by virtue of my own knowledge, is heavily focused on things in my own back yard (Colorado). I am actively soliciting comments, additions and feedback — including data from outside the USA. If you have something to contribute or correct, please contact me; I’d love to bolster this list up with all useful film-related resources.

This page is updated regularly — sometimes multiple times per week — as I discover more options, and as I actually interact with some of the entities listed.

Please note the following:

  • Products and services provided may be much more extensive than I’ve listed. I show only categories I’m aware of, and only those that pertain to film photography. Many of these stores also carry digital, etc.
  • The list is in alphabetical order. Because many of the listings span multiple areas, it doesn’t currently make sense to categorize them.

New York, New York • • 212-741-0052
Provides: Used Gear, Film Sales, Darkroom Supplies, Accessories
Another large e-commerce player. Bought one used item here; was graded accurately. NOTE: Used gear is not available in-store — only online.


Japan •
Provides: Camera Recovering Material
Rikuo Nakamura runs one of only two places I know that makes replacement camera covering material, laser-cut to fit. I’ve not done business with him; for US residents, Hugo Studio is probably more convenient, but Rikuo supports a wide range of cameras, and ships worldwide.

B&H Photo and Video

New York, New York • • 800-606-6969
Provides: Used Gear, Film Sales, Darkroom Supplies, Accessories
One of the biggest e-commerce players in photography in the USA, they deal in used gear. I’ve bought several items used here with good success; prices seem a bit higher than average, but the grading is accurate. Used gear is available in-store for examination before buying, and they seem to have various used esoterica in the store that they don’t bother listing online. Amazing selection of film stocks; one of the best, actually.

Bergen County Camera

Westwood, New Jersey • • 201-664-4113
Provides: Used Gear, Film Sales, Accessories
I’ve bought multiple cameras from Bergen, and it was a great experience both times. Inventory available online. Will ship. Specializes in Leica. Super nice staff.

Bill Rogers

Las Vegas, Nevada • • 702-382-8736
Provides: Repair, Parts
I found Bill by accident online, and he was able to provide a very rare part for one of my Mamiya TLRs, and a one of my Yashica TLRs as well. He also repairs them — along with other cameras — and has a range of parts he’s happy to sell to other repair techs, or to the public, which is awesome. Very responsive and knowledgable.

Calagaz Photo (eBay: calagazphoto)

Mobile, AL • • 251-478-0487
Provides: Used Gear
My one interaction with Calagaz was via eBay. I needed a rare part for my Pentax 645, and I contacted them about an expired auction for a “for parts” 645. In the end, they were willing to extract and sell me the one part I was after for a great price, so they sort of saved the day. I’d likely buy from them again.

Camera Exchange (eBay: cameraexchange)

Waterford, MI • • 947-222-8135
Provides: Used Gear
I’ve bought two things from Camera Exchange, both via eBay, with mixed results. The first was a Mamiya 645 Super film back. While in good condition, it was above market price, and arrived smelling strongly of womens’ perfume. While it faded (somewhat) in the back itself, the case and film back cover are now both in the trash because nothing would remove the terrible smell. (In their defense, I did not attempt to return the item; in retrospect, I should have.) But the other experience was amazing, my Mamiya C220. The camera was as shown, complete with boxes, manuals, caps — everything, 100% complete. The camera was in mint condition, better than advertised, and I felt was a great value. The lens shutter tested dead-on with shutter times. So, all good in the end, and I’d buy from them again.


Colorado Springs, Colorado • No Web Site • 719-594-6966
Provides: Used Gear, Repair, Film Sales, Film Processing, Darkroom Supplies, Accessories
Probably the best selection of used film gear in Colorado. They have no web site, only a Facebook presence, and as a result, it’s a drop-in, local customer situation. But if you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit. Bought several cameras here with great success. They repaired two Mamiya C-Series lenses for me with quick turn and quality work. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Decent range of darkroom supplies and chemistry. Basic variety of film stocks. Check return policy. 

The Darkroom

San Clemente, California • • No Phone Calls
Provides: Film Processing
The Darkroom processes pretty much anything still film photography related, including discontinued formats in many cases, and loves processing found film. My biggest issue with The Darkroom is that of the limited number of rolls I’ve had them process, two of them had poor scans; one with strange patterns along the length of the strip, and one with poor gate registration — one of which they fixed, one which they did not. At this point, I’m likely to use them only for unusual film stocks my local lab doesn’t know how to process properly.

David Odess

Randolph, Massachusetts • • 781-963-1166
Provides: Repair, Film Gear
Specializes in Hasselblad repairs. Also has a very handy FAQ on his web site that’s useful if you’re a Hasselblad user — or potential buyer. Has a limited range of Hassy gear too.

Denver Pro Photo

Littleton, Colorado • • 303-698-1790
Provides: Film Sales, Darkroom Supplies, Accessories
With the best selection of in-stock darkroom supplies and chemicals in Colorado, DPP also has a great selection of cases and other accessories. Great staff with great film knowledge. Regrettably, market conditions caused DPP to cease film lab services in late 2019.

Dwayne’s Photo

Parsons, Kansas • • 620-421-3940
Provides: Film Processing
As near as I can tell, if it’s film, Dwayne’s will process it. They were the last lab in the world who could process Kodachrome (of course, that was ended years ago), but today, they do it all, including motion picture films. Prices seem competitive for online labs.

Englewood Camera

Englewood (Denver), Colorado • • 303-797-0700
Provides: Used Gear, Film Sales, Film Processing, Darkroom Supplies, Accessories
The last truly indie camera store in Denver that has anything to do with film photography. While they sell digital gear and various accessories primarily, they do carry a limited selection of used film gear, and at least some of the staff are knowledgeable with it. Used gear is not listed online, so they’re best for local customers. Processes B&W and C-41; they do a good job, but are not familiar with unusual stocks (e.g., Foma Retrochrome) and don’t tend to do an optimal job of those as a result. Nice selection of film stocks from Kodak, Ilford, Lomography and CineStill. Very limited array of darkroom chemicals. On gear purchases, check return policy.

Film Photography Project (FPP) Store

Fair Lawn, New Jersey • • No Phone Calls
Provides: Film Sales, Darkroom Supplies
The FPP is of course the popular podcast of Mike Raso and his band of regulars, and the team has an online store stocked with lots of interesting goodies. Along with retail films, the FPP does 620 re-rolls, converts cinema and speciality films for still photography use, stumbles upon the occasional cache of oddball films they offer-up, sells their own darkroom chemistry line, and more. Justin, who manages their online store, is responsive and helpful.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Los Angeles (Area), California • • 800-292-6137
Provides: Film Sales, Darkroom Supplies, Accessories
Freestyle is a great shop with tons of things that are not readily available from other retailers, including a wide array of films and darkroom chemistry. They are quite literally the only place I know of in the United States to get certain things (well, Glass Key Photo in San Francisco, but they’re brick-and-mortar), and if you’re in the greater LA area, you can visit in-person; the main retail store is on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and their catalog fulfillment center is in Santa Fe Springs in Orange County. At the latter, you can’t touch any merchandise, but you can browse the web site and order anything in-stock, and they’ll go fetch it for you on the spot. Their shipping for web site orders seems quite reasonable. Note that there’s an upcharge for hazmat shipments that exceed ORM-D limits.

F Stop Cameras

Location Unknown • • Phone Unknown
Provides: Used Gear, Film
To be honest, I have a “trust management” problem with businesses that don’t disclose so much as the city or state where they’re located, then have no way to contact them aside from an e-mail address; you’re working so hard to hide — why? Your opinions may vary, and honestly, James (who runs the site along with a really decent blog called Casual Photophile) seems to have a lot here that may be of interest in terms of used gear, so worth checking-out, perhaps, if you’re looking for something specific. (And you don’t mind sending money to a random person with only a web site and an e-mail address.)

Glass Key Photo

San Francisco, California • • 415-829-9946
Provides: Film Sales, Used Gear, Repair, Darkroom Supplies, Accessories, Film Processing
Matt and the crew at Glass Key are good folks, dedicated to film, and primarily dedicated to serving their local market. They don’t really have anything on their web site, but you can call for availability, and they will ship. They quite literally have every, single film stock that’s available for sale in the United States — except those weird color effects films. I don’t know how they do that, and I wish to God they’d put-up an e-commerce site, because I’d order from them all the time for that reason alone. They also have every single chemistry thing I’d ever want for my darkroom; C-41 kits, E-6 kits, all the supplies, every photo paper imaginable, every brand you can think of, and they even have a selection of Photographer’s Formulary products. I don’t know how they do it — I just wish I lived in San Francisco so I could be at this store… Every. Single. Week.

Hugo Studio

Pflugerville, Texas •
Provides: Camera Recovering Material, Viewfinder Mirrors, Accessories
Hugo (surname unknown) runs an interesting little company in Texas, the only place I know of (save for one person in Japan) who offers replacement covering material for camera. Got an old Rollei with deteriorated leather? Hugo’s your guy. With a range of material types, colors, and a shockingly wide range of camera models for which he can produce the covering, he’s providing a great service to the film community. I also just ordered one of his mirrors for a “new” Yashica-D, and the mirror was surprisingly actual glass, and very high quality. CAUTION: Real leather coverings can shrink in transit a bit, and it may necessary to use a hair dryer to heat-up and gently stretch the material to get it to fit. Also, replacing coverings is not for the faint of heart; you may have to partially disassemble the camera to replace it on many different camera models. My only negative is that Hugo’s perfectly nice, but he’s not a verbose communicator if you have questions or need help.


Atlanta, Georgia • • 770-333-4200
Provides: Used Gear, Film Sales, Repair
Arguably the single largest player in used gear e-commerce, KEH sells a wide range of film and digital cameras, lenses, and more. I’ve made several purchases from KEH (I review them here), and have been satisfied with the grading and experience. NOTE: Images on their web site are representative — not the actual product you’re buying; not ideal. They do have a liberal return policy. They’ve been very good accepting returns of non-working items, including paying the return shipping. Prices seem to often be somewhat high compared to average.

Mike’s Camera

Denver Area, Colorado and Northern California •
Provides: Film Sales, Film Processing, Accessories
I only grudgingly list Mike’s here. At this point, I’d only buy film here, and I’d only do it if I had no other option. With four stores in the Denver area, and four in or near San Francisco, Mike’s seems to support film as an afterthought. The staff I’ve encountered knows literally nothing about film stocks; I ask for Tri-X 120 film, and the guy in their Park Meadows store hands me 135. I ask for black and white options, and he shows me color. It’s this way every time I dare to go in the store. Worse, to get market pricing on film processing, you have to pay to join their “club” — otherwise you pay well above market price for the privilege. People wonder why e-commerce is winning retail; Mike’s Camera puts the answer on glaring display.

National Camera Exchange

Minneapolis, Minnesota • • 800-624-8107
Provides: Used Gear
Another e-commerce used gear site. I’ve made various purchases here, and was satisfied for the most part. One of the items, a Mamiya 645 film back, was broken. While they did do a no-hassle return, unlike KEH, or B&H, they did not send a prepaid shipping label; I paid the return shipping ($11) which was promised to be reimbursed but wasn’t. I’m also not sure that the Mamiya RB67 I bought was quite in the condition represented, but it was my own fault for not looking closely enough at the photographs, which are of the item you’re buying, not generic ones (like KEH). Prices seem to be a bargain sometimes, and seem to be on the very high-end in other cases.

Photographer’s Formulary

Condon, Montana • • 406-754-2891
Provides: Darkroom Supplies
The Wilsons run a very odd business… Photo chemicals. That’s about it. You want to formulate your very own developer? You can buy the ingredients to do that from these folks. Want remakes of long-discontinued developers? They have you covered. I don’t know where Condon, Montana is (“a remote area of Montana” their site says), but I’m happy that companies like this are still around. Note that certain chemicals require a DEA statement to be completed, and sent with a high-resolution scanned photo identification as well. (Government regulations, and everything, of course.)

The Slide Printer (Denver Digital Imaging)

Denver, Colorado • • 303-698-2962
Provides: Film Processing
Specializing in E-6 processing, running two batches each business day, and offering same-day turnaround depending on drop-off time. Also processes B&W and C-41, but it’s the E-6 they’re famous for.

Used Photo Pro (Roberts Camera)

Indianapolis, Indiana • • 800-726-5544
Provides: Used Gear
Another e-commerce provider of used gear. I’ve made some purchases from Roberts / UPP, and have been pleased with the experience. Photos are of the actual gear you’re buying, which is a nice plus.

Yashica TLR

Internet •
Provides: Enthusiast Information
When I compiled this list, I wasn’t really intending to add things like this, but in this case, I can’t not add it. Paul Sokk is an Aussie photographer who is super-passionate about Yashica TLR cameras, and has amassed a cache of esoterica about them that is, frankly, unbelievable. Quite literally anything and everything you’d ever want to know about these cameras you can learn about on Paul’s web site. I have several Yashica TLRs myself, and have learned all manner of things from Paul’s archives. His site is really one of the rare examples of the Internet living-up to its original promise. Kudos to Paul for creating the site, and continuing to pay the hosting bill so we can all benefit from it.