The cheap thrill of inductive (wireless) charging

Having recently bitten at Apple’s trade-in incentives to move from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone XS Max, I was finally able to enjoy the benefits of inductive, or “wireless,” charging. Being cheap and biased toward Amazon Prime options, I ended-up buying a very inexpensive charging pad. Recently, I bought a couple of their two-packs to put wireless charging within reach around the house. How’s it working?

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Questioning my Apple Fanboy-ness

I’ve been a card-carrying Apple Fanboy for what seems like an eternity at this point. For a long time, I resisted; but it was going to work for a company whose standard-issue laptops were MacBooks that changed everything back in 2012. (I’m shocked it’s only been six years, honestly.)

Since then, I’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem hook, line and sinker. I traded-in my annoying Android phone for an iPhone years ago. I wear an Apple Watch. I have an iPad Pro (with the Apple Pencil of course). And I’ve officially lost count of the number of Macs in this house. But the big Apple event yesterday, and all the coverage and details, have for the first time left me unexcited and uninspired.

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Power-hungry devices: Keeping stuff juiced

As the number of devices in and around people’s homes and on their persons continues to spiral out-of-control, there’s a corollary problem that arises: how to keep everything juiced-up. On my home office desk, I can look around me and see two MacBooks, a Nintendo Switch, two iPhones, an iPad Pro (with an Apple Pencil nearby). While the Macs have their own power sources, everything else I listed requires a USB-based charging source of some kind. So, how have I solved that particular problem?

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