Splatoon 2: Issues revisited

Back in December of last year, I wrote-up a piece about Splatoon 2, saying:

Nintendo have clearly altered the dynamics in ways that are difficult to decipher, but amount to nothing less than breaking the one thing the game had going for it originally: balance.

As I’ve continued to play Splatoon 2, my feelings about it have evolved — somewhat, anyway.

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Nintendo Switch: The company itself on portability

IGN posted excerpts from an interview with some Nintendo execs about the portability of the Nintendo Switch — arguably one of 2017’s most notable pieces of tech — in an environment where smartphones dominate the mobile gaming experience.

The interview points to an acknowledgement of the product’s differentiators, but it seems they missed a few important points.

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Splatoon 2: Nintendo arguably misses the mark

As I said in a recent post about the Nintendo Switch, I bought the system specifically for one game: Splatoon 2. When the Switch was announced, I couldn’t really care less. When Splatoon 2 was announced, I was as excited as any kid less than a quarter my age; I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the game, or the console required to play it. As I wrote in the aforementioned Switch post, I pre-ordered the Switch in a narrow window from GameSpot.com (luck of the draw), and was ecstatic to ensure I had one of the highly sought-after consoles well before the Splatoon 2 was scheduled to ship.

So was it worth all the excitement and the long wait?

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Nintendo Switch: Nine months later

It seems like it was only last month that my new Nintendo Switch arrived via UPS, the result of a lucky preorder, made online within a tiny window of availability at GameStop.com, when “Switch Fever” was at its worst. Alas, that was last March, and it’s now December.

At the time, how the Switch would fare in the market was anyone’s guess, although judging by the early excitement, it seems obvious in retrospect that it was destined for success. The past nine months have borne that out. So what’s it like owning a Switch at this point?

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Why the Wii U is better than people believe

This past holiday season was the fourth featuring the availability of Nintendo’s Wii U video game console, meaning the unit just passed its third anniversary. As technology goes, that means that the Wii U is… Well, how can I say this nicely? Long in the tooth? Showing its age? At least that would be the popular perception of reality.

Another popular perception of reality is that the Wii U is the ugly redheaded stepchild of the video game world—a loser; passé. In short, a console only children and grandparents could love.

So, is there any truth to any of that?

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