December 2017

Baratza Coffee Grinder revisited: DIY repairs; really? (Cool!)

In the summer of 2016, I bought a Baratza Encore coffee grinder, and wrote about it while this blog was still under its previous name. Unfortunately, my love affair with the grinder waned a bit last month when my beloved grinder crapped-out; it just wouldn’t run anymore unless I nudged the burr a little (thereby rotating the motor shaft a bit). Hmmm; curious.

I immediately sought troubleshooting information from Baratza’s web site, and it was there that I discovered something quite peculiar: detailed information — on diagnosing, and repairing the grinder. Repairing? Really?

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Instant Pot Plain Grits

One of the things I wanted to try making in my new Instant Pot was traditional southern grits for breakfast. Making grits is not difficult under any circumstances, but there are challenges:

  1. It takes an inordinate amount of time (and patience) to cook them well;
  2. That’s made worse when you use traditional, “old fashioned” slow-cook grits (and any other type, namely quick or instant, is sacrilegious); and,
  3. Making them makes a mess and requires constant attention and/or perfect regulation of heat to avoid that.

I’ve had a small, early-generation electronic pressure cooker for years, and making grits in it was a nightmare. They’d bubble-up, much as they do with conventional cooking, and the process spattered starchy “grit juice” everywhere. Not to mention a layer of grits stuck like glue to the bottom of the unit. But in the Instant Pot, things are much easier — and far, far less messy. (In fact, not messy at all!)

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