iPad Pro: Don’t try this at home

I was raving about Apple’s product quality just this week. Then this morning I see this rather disturbing article on The Verge. 

The video they link to is hilariously well done, but to be perfectly honest, it’s a bit disturbing. For the reasons its maker mentions in the narrative, it should perhaps also not be that surprising; there are weak spots engineered into the product to support specific functions, for one. But it’s Apple’s own “thinness at all costs” design philosophy that’s ultimately responsible for this — you simply can’t have it all, and the tradeoffs will end-up biting someone.

But if the new iPad Pro actually does bend as easily as the video seems to suggest, well… It’s either a good reason to pay the company even more for an AppleCare+ contract, or a good reason to simply not buy the iPad Pro to begin with.

The bottom line? I expected better.