I’m Wesley King, and this is QueryBang.

As of November 2019, I’ve decided to switch the focus of this blog almost solely to photography in general, and film photography specifically.

While my interests are extremely varied and this blog started out reflecting that, I’ve written more content about film photography since early 2019 than I have about everything else put together, across the entire time I’ve had this blog. So you could say, I suppose, that I’ve found my niche — or at least I’ve found something where the passion leads to a strong desire to write (and write).

The most popular non-photography posts have been retained here so that people who arrive via Google can still find my Instant Pot Plain Grits recipe, my post about Bird’s Custard Mix making a great banana pudding, and how you can repair your own Baratza coffee grinder. Everything else, including my extremely popular posts on the Netgear Orbi have been removed, in large part because I’m no longer proud of the content, and because what I wrote is now very dated. (Technology posts have a very short shelf life.)

My photography content is currently organized by tags, which includes Cameras, Film, Lenses and Accessories, Miscellaneous Stuff, and Darkroom. I’ve also written some random Essays.