Welcome to QueryBang

I’m Wesley King, and welcome to my blog. As a multipotentialite, I have numerous interests and hobbies, and since I love to write about virtually all of them, the result is QueryBang. This blog is both eclectic, and esoteric — several blogs rolled into one, honestly.

You’ll find a mix of reviews, commentary, insights, knowledge sharing, and much more — across my major interest areas. You can certainly find the latest blog posts across all subjects, but perhaps the best way to explore this blog is by section:

In recent months, writing about Photography (film photography specifically) has consumed my attention — and this blog. You can read about Cameras, Film, Lenses and Accessories, Miscellaneous Stuff, and soon, Darkroom. I’ve also written some random Essays.

I write a lot about Technology, across Automotive, Computers, Cord Cutting, Devices, Electronics, Entertainment, Gaming, Home, Maker, Networking, Smart Home, and Software and Services.

As a musician and a DJ, I write quite a bit about Music — here, and professionally. On this blog, I cover topics that don’t fit for my professional writing, but it still usually falls into DJ and Music Tools and Tech.

I love Food. I also love to cook. My interests are heavily geeky, and I write both about Cooking (including the occasional recipes), as well as Food Tools and Tech. You never know what I might go on about.