I’m Wesley King, and this is QueryBang, a blog devoted to photography in general, and film photography specifically. You’ll find reviews, educational content, commentary, and more.

My most recent posts include:

You can also browse all the posts, or check things out by category — Cameras, Film, Lenses and Accessories, Miscellaneous Stuff, or Darkroom. I’ve also written some random Essays. And, I’ve compiled a nice set of film photography resources you might want to check out.

My interests are extremely varied and this blog started out reflecting that. But I had planned, written or published more content about film photography than I had about everything else put together, across the entire time I’ve had this blog, so it made sense to switch the focus in late 2019.

I did retain the most popular non-photography posts so that people who arrive via Google can still find my Instant Pot Plain Grits recipe, my post about Bird’s Custard Mix making a great banana pudding, and how you can repair your own Baratza coffee grinder. Everything else, including my extremely popular posts on the Netgear Orbi have been removed, because what I wrote is now very dated. (Technology posts have a very short shelf life; yet another reason to switch focus here!)

In any event, thanks for checking out the site. If you have any comments, please get in touch.